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Drawing From Nature Page


This page was doodled from a photograph of a wild flower I took, the colours are very subtle and you can only just see them; I am trying to experiment with using paler colours in my creations because I normally use very bright ones!


Nature Inspired Journal Pages Updated


Yesterday after I shared some of the pages and art Ive been working on these past few weeks I looked at a couple of my recent pages and decided they didnt feel finished so I added a quick black border around them to bring the whole thing together – a pretty simple thing to do and now they feel complete.

Here they are below:

The page above is inspired by all the golden fields of corn I keep seeing on our dog walks, the picture below is doodled from a photo I took of some flowers:

New Journal Pages To Share


Well hello there! Long time no see!

This is the first time I have actually blogged since May 22nd because I haven’t been making any art due to a fibro flare which left me feeling exhausted and uninspired.

I spent most of June and July playing Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim Role Playing games on the playstation to keep my mind off my pain issues.

After taking some time away from creating art I decided I was missing being creating and I needed to get my fingers inky and painterly again!

So I started as always dabbling in my sketchbook; just doodling and playing around with colour.

Here are some of my recent creations I came up with; don’t forget to click on the links to see them bigger if you wish, thanks for looking!

Summer Colours Journal Page


Still flicking through my magazine for inspiration here šŸ˜€

I came across another advert that appealed to me, this one features all these gorgeous summery colours and shapes which you can see below:

I decided to use this as my inspiration and doodled some of the shapes freehand using my pencil in my journal pages to make a big 2 page spread.

All colouring was added using Caran D’ache Neo-Colour Water Colour Crayons; Ive fallen in love with using them again after they ruined so many of my pens in the past. IĀ discoveredĀ that you can use the Derwent Inktense ‘Outliner’ pencil with them which you get in the set of 24 colours to outline with and youĀ don’tĀ need to ruin your pens!

The flowers where hilighted using a White Souffle Pen by Sakura to add further interest.

I added a lot more blue and green to my page because I love those colours so much and I wanted mine to be different to the advert and not a complete carbon copy.

These colours really make me think about Summer; how about you? What are your favourite summery colours to use?

She-Devil Art


A lot of creative folks out there are addicted to doing ‘She Art’ made popular by the multitalented Christy
Tomlinson, she makes the most amazing doll art using patterned papers and awesome background techniques which are really to squee for.

While I love the whole look and concept of this type of art, I really wanted to add my own personal twist to the ‘technique’; if you can call it a technique?

This is where I came up with the idea of ‘She-Devil Art’…she is the darker sexier version of the pretty She-Art and really no…REALLY much more MEEEEEEE!

I started off with a basic doll template I found online and used that as the base for my She Devil shape, once I had the doll shape down I started doodling on the template and before I knew it a She-Devil magicked before my very eyes!

Here is an initial painted sketch of Ā the first She Devil I designed, she kinda came to life right before my eyes:

Note the whip, kinky boots, mask and basque; I was really tempted to put gold brads on there for pointy Madonna style boobs butĀ could’veĀ find any small enough brads I liked šŸ˜›

I think Red is SOOO her colouring too don’t ya fink?

Below are a couple of completed ‘She-Devil’ Art Doll Journal Pages I completed, as you can see from the picture below I decided to replace her whip with a pitchfork:

I had so much fun creating the She-Devil and cant wait to do some more!! <grins>