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Letterpress Stamping Experiments


Yesterday I had a play with the letterpress kit with my Vagabond machine, I bought it cheap in the new year sales for only £9.99 and thought at that price it was worth a punt.

The stamps you get with the Letterpress are like solid plastic so they are not the same as rubber stamps, when you use them with your die cutting/embossing machine not only does the printing plate stamp, it also creates a slight debossed impression of the stamp too. Pretty cool effect I thought.

I didnt use the special ink and brayer to ink the stamps up that came with the letterpress kit, instead I inked the stamp with my inkpads by pressing them direct to the image and then stamped with the ink – it worked fantastically I must add!

Another thing I didnt do what I was supposed to do, was put the self adhesive sheets on the back of the stamps, instead I use a strip of double sided tape which I temporarily affixed to the rear of the stamp while using it and removed it easily after use – a lot cheaper as I buy my double sided tape in sets of 3 rolls for a pound in poundland.

Below are a couple of images I did using the Letterpress Kit and my Sizzix Vagabond Machine using Brilliance Inkpads:

Stamped on Matt Card:

Stamped On Gloss Card:

I tried the letterpress kit with my normal rubber unmounteds just to see if they would work or not, they do work but the impression isnt as clear as I hoped, but it would work for a grungey collage look where perfection isnt necessary. If you look at the photos below you will see the images I got from using unmounted rubber stamps:

This rubber stamped image below had a lot of open areas in it, as you can see the pressure from the Vagabond made the areas of the rubber stamp which arent normally stamped stamp, thus making a messier image transfer. I suppose you could still use it for collage work especially if you used another colour ink to stamp it with as it kinda looks as if its been coloured in.

The stamped image below didnt have much open areas in it as you can see, its completely made up of words which stamped in a kind of double ghosted effect when used with the Letterpress, again it could be used in collage style cards etc. I will probably use this image below even though it isnt perfect because I like the effect it gives.

I am wondering though if clear polymer unmounted stamps might work better with the letterpress? I didnt get a chance to try it out because I got too tired and had to put everything away, but next time I have the stuff out I will give it a whirl.

In conclusion, the Letterpress is quite a good tool to have, its not something I will use every single day, but then I dont use the Zutter or the Vagabond every day either!

I do consider it a good purchase especially as I dont have to use the special printing inks with it, but I dont think the kit is worth the full rrp of £40 odd quid, my advice is if you see it cheap for around £10-£20 mark then Id say go for it.

I wonder whether the new Sizzix Letterpress plates will work with it or not? Note to self – try it!

So there you have it, my thoughts on the letterpress Printing Kit for what its worth…