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I Can Sing A Rainbow


Red and Yellow and Pink and Green

Purple and Orange and Blue

I can sing a rainbow

(I can sing a rainbow)

I can sing a rainbow too

Today while walking our dog just before a downpour; I was moaning there was nothing interesting to take a photograph of today, when we looked up and saw a magnificent Rainbow formulating in the sky. Naturally I took a couple of photos of it, well I took about 20 of it as I wanted to make sure it came out in at least one of the pictures!

Here’s my photo’s of the rainbow, I am planning on making an art journal page inspired by todays beauty.


Then There Was Blue Skies


After what seems like weeks upon weeks of non-stop rain, damp and grey skies, today the sun finally graced us with its appearance and came out and we had blue sky!

There was a slight nip in the air from Jack Frost but I didnt care, the SUN was finally shining and the skies were blue.

I took a couple of pictures with my special effects phone filter, the one featured below is my favourite artsy fx camera, the words where added later using a free imaging program called Picnik.

How can you fail to be inspired?

Incidently I also used this picture for my daily picture on the 365 project too 🙂