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Grunge Magazine Heart Postcards


I made these postcards for a swap on my new swap group ‘Mixed Media Misfits’ :

For the swap we have to use magazine papers to create post card art, I was tempted to do the magazine scrunchie backgrounds for this but in the end decided to go for this grungy option instead.

The postcards are created using various layers of printed tissue paper and netting taken from bags of oranges which I glued down onto the card and added  layers of spray inks and paints till I liked how it looked.

The heart cut out centrepiece was created from magazine papers which I concertina folded into small squares and then folded it in half again so I could cut out a half heart shape using scissors to reveal a complete  full heart.

Highlights where then added using black and gold markers until I liked how it looked, I added a bit of vajazzle 🙂 style bling using faux rhinestone gems to make a border on the right hand side.

Before Picture:

Finished Postcards :



Postcards For Mixed Media Swap


Ive almost finished making my postcards for the mixed media postcard swap I signed up for late last year, I say *almost* because I wanted to include extra embellishments but I ran out of double sided tape!! I have to wait for the grocery shop to come before I can add any extras to finished them off.

Anyway heres all my postcards I created shown in a gallery below, they are all created using my handmade painted and inkerly backgrounds and embellished using some of my row houses and little beauties I created.

Mixed Media Postcard Swap Backgrounds


I have signed up for The Mixed Media Postcard swap which is currently open for sign ups, the link incase you too are interested in joining is here:

For the swap Ive been going through my stash of handmade backgrounds looking for some interesting mixed media and 3-Dimensional backgrounds that I can use for the base of my postcards.

While I was searching I came across some half done backgrounds which I never got round to finishing, I think they are what people refer to as ‘UFO’S’ otherwise known as Unfinished Objects; I have a whole stash of things like that, maybe its time I started finishing up some of these long forgotten about projects?

Today was the day I finally finished these background UFO’s and purtied them up using my Alcohol Inks which I havent used for a long LONG, too long infact, time.

Heres some of my postcard alcohol inky backgrounds (click the thumbs to get a bigger picture):