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Drawing From Nature Page


This page was doodled from a photograph of a wild flower I took, the colours are very subtle and you can only just see them; I am trying to experiment with using paler colours in my creations because I normally use very bright ones!


Nature Inspired Journal Pages Updated


Yesterday after I shared some of the pages and art Ive been working on these past few weeks I looked at a couple of my recent pages and decided they didnt feel finished so I added a quick black border around them to bring the whole thing together – a pretty simple thing to do and now they feel complete.

Here they are below:

The page above is inspired by all the golden fields of corn I keep seeing on our dog walks, the picture below is doodled from a photo I took of some flowers:

New Journal Pages To Share


Well hello there! Long time no see!

This is the first time I have actually blogged since May 22nd because I haven’t been making any art due to a fibro flare which left me feeling exhausted and uninspired.

I spent most of June and July playing Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim Role Playing games on the playstation to keep my mind off my pain issues.

After taking some time away from creating art I decided I was missing being creating and I needed to get my fingers inky and painterly again!

So I started as always dabbling in my sketchbook; just doodling and playing around with colour.

Here are some of my recent creations I came up with; don’t forget to click on the links to see them bigger if you wish, thanks for looking!

Couple More Lettering Pages To Share


Heres a couple more lettering style journal pages I finished off recently, if you click on them you can see them larger and in more detail:

Nature Lettering Art Journal Page


Here is another page I have just finished up today dedicated to Nature in all her glory, all the words I chose for this page are all inspired by nature.

It goes without saying I had too much fun making this page, I get a lot of joy out of making these types of pages in my journal.

Art Journal Prompt:

Including the word NATURE; choose 18 words which make you think of Nature and include them in a decorated Nature themed journal page.

Embracing The Fuck Ups


Have you ever had that moment when making art when you make a critical error and know you’ve REALLY fucked up the piece? It hits you like a huge clanger ‘DOINNG’….you messed it up you moron! You feel like hitting yourself over and over for making the mistake…how stupid…you messed that up good and proper…what an idiot…Your inner voice is nagging away at you calling yourself all the names under the sun.

I admit I am always doing it, in the past I would tear up my mistakes and start over again and be extra careful on the second remake but the remake would never feel the same, it would feel like a fake carbon copy, the energy put into recreating the copy would be forced because you are concentrating sooo hard not to make another mistake.


I say….embrace your fuck ups, admit your only human and mistakes WILL happen, instead of freaking out; ask yourself ‘sooo how do I fix this one’? Because once you have made your mistake you’ve done it! You cant ruin it anymore can you? Might as well pull out all the stops and see if you can make it workable again.

This happened to me recently, I was working on a ‘lettering art’ piece in my journal when I made a mistake with my wording, worse than that I made 2 huge mistakes! Cue ‘alarm bells’ clanging in my head and the inner critic having a field day calling me all the names under the sun, when I suddenly had an moment of clarity and thought….Fuck It! Its only a spelling mistake and a missed off word – nobody died and the world didnt end. I’ll live!

And so I pushed on working on the same piece, I’d started it so I was damn well gonna finish it and no way was I starting it again from scratch!

Here is my finished letter art journal page in its entirety, mistakes an all:

And here are the mistakes for all to see in glorious close up:

First of all I forgot to add the word ‘DON’T‘ onto the page, I said it out loud in my head as I was writing it but for some reason my hand didn’t do as it was told and I ended up NOT writing it!

So I decided to write the word don’t in over the top of the other word using a different colour to make it stand out and look kinda deliberate…..well it does if you close your eyes a little and squint 😛

My second mistake was the word ‘APPRECIATE‘, I originally spelt it APPRIATE….totally missing off the E and C in the spelling, such a silly mistake to make! But then I am queen of the spelling mistakes 🙂 I always write out the words or quote I am planning to use in my art before I do it because I have a brain fog moment half way through and forget how to spell. I did that with this piece and STILL I somehow managed to spell it wrong!

Soooo to fix this mistake I squeezed in a tiny E and C vertically between the letters R and I to make it look like I planned it all along when I didn’t at all! No sirreee.

We forget we are only human and never allow ourselves to make mistakes or live in fear of ‘getting it wrong’, we should learn to embrace these mistakes and learn from them and make them our own.