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April ATCs For The Monthly Swap


Finally got my artist trading cards for this months swap done, I went for a bird theme because its that time of the year where you see all the happy birds singing about the arrival of Spring.


Beelogical Artist Trading Cards


Ive had this rubber stamp of a cheeky little face for some time and never gotten around to using it, funnily enough I think her face reminds me of a little bumble bee so I decided to make some ‘beelogical’ themed artist trading cards featuring it. I stamped the face onto business card sized card stock and then doodled on some doodling to the face to give her a body – of sorts, and then added a splash of colour.

Heres what I came up with (click on the thumbnails to see better):

Encaustic Artist Trading Cards


I added the finishing touches to these artist trading cards this morning and wanted to share them with you 🙂

I recently found my encaustic art mini craft iron while sorting out my art stash and decided to celebrate the occasion by actually USING it to make some encaustic art backgrounds with.

As usual I created LOTS of backgrounds, many of which I have yet to use in art projects, when I use them I will be sharing those too but for now heres the smaller backgrounds that I made into artist trading cards below:

These are the backgrounds prior to making into ATCs:

And below is a gallery of the finished artist trading cards, I stamped them using silhouette stamps in black ink and added highlights to make them pop a little (click on thumbnails to see them better):

Spring Fever Artist Trading Card Giveaway


Yesterday I decided to have a look-see amongst my collection of duplicate Artist Trading Cards Ive made over the years for various swaps, challenges and what not and almost gave myself a fright when I realised how many spares I have amassed over the years!

Those of you who have followed my various newsletters, blogs and websites over the years (thank you) will no doubt be well aware that I have a tendency to go a little OTT when I am enjoying making something; after all why bother just making 1 single atc when I can  go overboard and make 10 of them huh? 😛

But what is a girl to do with so many spare atcs?

Then it hit me….GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!

So I decided to do a blog give-away for not one but 2 lucky blog followers!!  Yay!

Look at the following 2 pictures of ALL the atcs you could win…count them… 36 individual handmade atcs – all featuring different styles and themes.

They could be *YOURS*

That’s right 2 lucky winners will receive each and every single artist trading card featured in the following 2 pictures below:

So What Do You Have To Do To Enter The Giveaway Draw?

Three Simple Things:

1. Follow this blog

2. Share this post either on facebook or on your blog.

3. Add a comment below stating:  ‘What You Love Most About Spring’

Winners will be drawn in 2 weeks time, there will be 2 lucky names drawn randomly who will recieve each and every atc featured in the above pictures.

* Note: comments are moderated so you wont see them show up straight away. *

Good luck everyone!

Spring Theme Artist Trading Cards


I finally started work on my March ATCs for our months of the year swap we have going, I had no idea how I was going to represent March; all I knew was that I wanted the colours to be bright! Spring for me is a blessing, its the time of year where the weather starts to warm up and I am able to move a little more freely, a welcome respite from a cold cruel winter.

To begin with I got a roll of masking tape and de-tacked it by first sticking it to my clothes so that it wouldnt be too difficult to remove afterwards, I tore of random strips of tape and arranged them across white artist trading card blanks like so:

Next I took some bright yellow and red acrylic paint and scraped them across the artist trading cards to add colour like so:

Below is a picture of my atc’s all painted and waiting to dry:

I started these artist trading card backgrounds with the intention of pulling off the masking tape to reveal a pattern but once they were dry I decided I liked the look of the painted masking tape on the card as it gave it a nice texture, so instead of pulling all the masking tape off all the atc’s; instead I decided to peel it off just half of them instead so I had a set of each type.

Luckily I made 20 backgrounds in total so I ended up with 10 of each background type. Below is a picture of the backgrounds with the peeled off masking tape:

Next job was to decorate them, I decided to use a silhouette rubber stamp design I had to decorate, I also added paper flowers to half of the atcs and mounted them onto contrasting card. You can see both varieties of artist trading cards below which I finished:

February Heart Themed ATCs


Last night I finished up my artist trading cards for a swap I am running this year, these are my February themed atcs which are obviously inspired by valentines day :)I made the heart embellishments at the weekend for these cards, you can see how I created them on the following link:

The atc background behind the heart was simple to make, I like the ‘clean cut’ look of them which is worlds apart from how I usually create.

The atc blanks where white cardstock, so I stamped a swirly background on half of the atc using a versamark red inkpad.

Next I took some colour wash spray and dyed some really bright garish scrapbook papers I had to make them match the red theme I wanted to use and tore the paper into strips and affixed them to the centre of the atcs to make a central border.

Finally I used a sponge and red colourwash spray to dye the right hand side of the atcs to give it a splash of colour and let it dry.

To finish up I assembled the heart to the middle of the atc, cut out the stamped word ‘amour’ and added 3 rhinestone gems to give it a bit of bling.

Im looking forward to seeing what everyone else in the swap did for their February’s atcs!