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My 12 Tags Of Christmas Day Seven Art


Ive just this minute finished my tags for day seven in the 12 Tags Of Christmas, in the original destructions Mr Holtz uses his Kraft Glassine paper, well as per usual I didnt have any so I decided to make some using a technique I discovered a long time ago called ‘Faux Glassine Paper‘, you can find it on the following link:

For this technique I used a sheet of festive printed tissue paper as my background and covered it with floor wax which I left for a few hours to air dry naturally.

Once the faux glassine was dry I tore sections off and layered it onto my tags with vintage scrapbook papers, I added vintage images to keep in with the colour scheme – very easy to create. The only inking I did on the tags was when I scratched the edges of the tags with a craft knife to distress them and then swiped a burgundy distress inkpad along the edges.

Below are the finished tags.


My 12 Tags Of Christmas Day Six Art


I loved working with the embossed metal for this technique! I finally succumbed to temptation and went and bought a Vagabond machine, Ive wanted a new die cutter for a while now because I cant use my manual operated Sizzix anymore due to my health. Im glad I went ahead and made the purchase because the vagabond embosses metal beautifully and I love it! Oh and its a pretty good die cutter as well 😉

Anyway for this technique I embossed some copper and silver coloured metal sheets I had.

Colour was added using my sharpie pens, they go on the metal beautifully, I also used some Overhead Projection Pens which are used for writing onto acetate and plastic. I picked out areas with the pens and coloured the metal in.

You can see my coloured metal tags and atcs below.



On the tag below I completely covered the metal using a brown permanent marker and then used alcohol ink blending solution dabbed onto kitchen towel to wipe off the raised areas to give it a sort of distressed metal look.


12 Tags Of Christmas Art From Day 5


For Day fives tags I took the easy way out and it shows! I dont have any large background stamps any more because I cant grip them with my hands and I dont have any reverse text stamps either so instead I got out some sheets of festive printed vellum I had in my stash and smooshed over the top of them using dye inks to create a vellum resist on the design. I then cut the backgrounds up and assembled them onto tags and added silk foliage leaves as decorations which I had already in my stash and added some kind of festive embellishment to finish off.

Really simple, quick and easy to make, you can see them all below:



My 12 Tags Of Christmas Art From Day Four


Yesterday I took a day off from making tags because I was feeling ouchie and needed to rest, I spent the evening watching the last instalment in the Harry Potter Series – Deathly Hallows Part 2 on DVD while I recovered.

Today I started making my tags a little earlier than usual, I was fired up and ready to go!

I started out by using some Snowflake Chipboard blanks I had, I wanted to add some alternative texture to them to the crackle paints so I decided to use White School PVA/Elmers Glue and Golden Moulding Paste – not on the same snowflake (some snowflakes had paste on the others had glue)

To get a suitable texture I swiped the glue/paste direct onto one of the snowflakes, and then placed another snowflake on top into the ‘goo’ and then I swished the 2 snowflakes around together then pulled them apart to reveal an instant texture.

I set the moulding paste snowflakes aside to air dry a little and began to work on the pva glue snowflakes by force drying them using a heat tool, as you heat up the school glue it bubbles a little thus giving you a lovely texture to work with.

When Id finished with the gluey snowflakes I forced dried the moulding paste snowflakes using my heat tool.

Colour was added to all snowflakes using Brilliance Inkpads in Mediterranean Blue and Light Blue Metallic one (forget the name of it) I pressed the inkpads directly on the showflakes and used my finger tips to swirl the colours around to make them look 3 dimensional.

You can see a photo of my textured snowflakes below:

Next I began work on my tag backgrounds:

I placed a single tag onto my work top and sprayed it first with plain water, next I sprayed over it with Turquouse Blue and Radiant Rain Blue Kingfisher Spray Inks and then I sprayed on a small misting of Silver Mica Spray.

When the tag was saturated with colour, I took a plain un-inked tag and pressed it over the top of the inky tag to transfer the colour onto it and smooshed it around a little – thus inking up 2 tag  backgrounds at the same time and then heat set.

I repeated this step till I had enough tags in shades of blue.

Next I repeat stamped a snowflake stamp set I have using Brilliance White Inks and heat set.

Below is a pixxie of what some of the tags below:

Once my tags and snowflakes were ready it was time to assemble my tags and finish them off, I used a lovely white snowflake printed Christmas gift ribbon as my main embellishment which I bought from Asda (supermarket) and various buttons and brads to finish. I also used my silver paint pen to border the tags and pull out some highlights on the actual snowflakes themselves.

You can see all my tags below, I really enjoyed making theses as I love snowflake designs:

My 12 Tags Of Christmas Tag Art From Day Three


Ive just finished making my tags for the day three technique, I didnt have a large background stamp as I got rid of all my large stamps a while ago as I cant physically use them anymore.

Instead I used a Foam Making Memories Stamp Set of Christmas designs and I repeat stamped them using Brilliance inkpads in White, Green and Red. To add a bit of interest I swiped some of the tags prior to stamping them with dye based inks to stain them and make them all different colours.

Below are the tags before I finished them all:

My completed tags are below, I decided I didnt want to add too much to them as I didnt want to cover them up, I love the traditional ‘folk art handmade’ feel they give:

My 12 Tags Of Christmas Tag Art From Day Two


Im only a couple of days behind with my tags for the 12 Tags Of Christmas so Im not panicking ….YET 🙂

Today I finished 6 tags inspired by the samples featured in Tim’s blog post, I didnt have any Kraft Resist paper so I substituted with printed vintage scrapbook papers which I clear embossed with regal flourish stamp designs and then swiped over them using thinned down white acrylic paint to create a resist.

I also didn’t have any of the Alterations Die Cuts so I had to improvise again, I used a pencil to draw freehand a basic Star and Christmas Tree design to cut out and make into a template for my die cuts. I used various handmade papers, backgrounds and corrugated card to make the shapes from to give the tag a little texture.

All the bits I created before I made them into tags:

Below are my creations along with the blurb and notes on what I used and did:

Tag 1 : Decorated Tree Tag- The tree shape is one I did freehand and cut it from textured green handmade paper, I swiped over the top of it with Pearlescent Ivy Brilliance ink to bring out the features. The bauble decorations on the tree are actually glitter dots which I thought added a bit of bling. The border at the base of the tag was cut using a shaped crafting ruler, I used handmade papers which I coloured using brown inks to add distress.


Tag 2: Joy Tree Tag – I cut the tree shape from a sheet of handmade paper which is covered with gorgeous stitching, I thought it was perfect for a diecut and the little gold stitches in the design could easily pass off as baubles. The JOY word is comprised of 3 brads, I carefully swiped over them using my silver marker to bring out the raised lettering. The border at the base is a mixture of handmade paper and corrugated card which I cut from a craft ruler template.

Tag 3: Snowflake Tag – The snowflake is made from chipboard, I coloured it using my silver marker to give it a nice metallic touch, the snow word is made up of individual brad letters which I distressed a little using my silver paint pen. The border is created using hand made paper and corrugated card which I added colour to using my inkpads.

Tag 4: Peace Tree Tag – The tree shape is cut from brown corrugated card which I added colour to using green dye inkpads, I used brads for the Peace word which I embellished using a silver marker to bring out the raised lettering. The border is made up of corrugated card and I punched out holes along the bottom using my Zutter to add a different touch to it.

Tag 5: Peace Star Tag – The star shape is cut from corrugated card which I sprayed using different colours of metallic spray inks, I added a silver border using my marker pen ink, I applied brads in all 5 star points and a Peace fabric label to the middle of the star to finish it off. I had this large green skeleton leaf what I found in my stash which I thought looked Christmassy so I used that as a layer on the tag. The border is created from corrugated card and handmade paper layers assembled together using brads.

Tag 6: Star Of Wonder Tag – The star shape is cut from handmade paper which has a nice texture on it, I sprayed on several colours of metallic inks to give it a bit of a pizazz and assembled it to the tag using brads. The Wonder word is a fabric scrapbooking label I used, the border was created using 2 strips of corrugated card and assembled together using square brads.

12 Tags Of Christmas Day 5 Alternatives And Suggestions


I have decided for todays 12 Tags Of Christmas post instead of listing all the supplies and giving you alternatives I would instead write a short blog post with my suggestions for copying the look and style of todays tag.

Realistically speaking I couldnt justify buying a rubber stamp just so I could do reverse wordings on the back of acetate or acrylic shapes, seems like a waste of cash especially when you can emulate the same look on card stock.

Theres a couple of ways to do it –

1. One way would be to take a sheet of glossy card and swipe all over it with Red Pepper Alcohol ink, once the ink was dry you can then stamp over the top using a white Stazon inkpad or emboss it with white embossing powder.

2. Another option would be to emboss the word stamp with clear embossing ink onto white card stock, then using either a brayer or sponges take a red ink pad – could be dye or pigment based and swipe over the top of the stamped wording to create a resist effect.

3. The easiest option of them all would be to take a sheet of red card stock and either stamp with a white inkpad or emboss it with white embossing powder.

If you really wanted to stamp onto acetate you could always use theCAUGHT IN CRYSTAL TECHNIQUE – where you stamp onto tissue paper first using a permanent inkpad and then adhere the tissue to the back of the acetate (words the right way round) using floor wax or diamond glaze. The wax would them protect the ink of the stamped image and therefore allow you to apply alcohol inks.