My Inner Critic Journal Page


Ive been playing around with some of the journaling prompts in a new book I got cheap called  Journal Bliss, the first prompt in the book mentions visualising your inner critic and giving them a body which you draw in your journal and let them have their say on the page.

I really liked this idea and proceeded to draw out my inner Grot who is also my inner critic, I decided to draw my ugly alien like  inner Grot in a box because thats what I like to do with my critic; shut it up in the box so I dont have to listen to the self doubt.

Doubts – we all have them, even the most accomplished and confident artists; which I am not, doubt themselves on a creative level.

Doing this page was kinda cathartic and allowed me to unleash any residual feelings of lack of confidence which have been holding me back and stopping me from allowing myself to trust my inner muse.

Here is the page I did below for the Journal Bliss ‘Inner Critic’ page prompt:

If you had to draw your inner critic on a journal page what would your critic look like and what would it say to you?


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  1. Great depiction. Your inner critic is like mine–the grouch on Sesame Street. He doesn’t have anything nice to say. He just grouches all the time. I think I should depict mine in the trash can. LOL

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