Favourite Colours Journal Page


I dont normally  buy magazines unless they are art or craft related ones, the other day while at the local shop I spotted a glossy type magazine on special offer so decided to pick it up to see if I could use it on my journal pages somehow.

Whilst flicking through the magazine I came across an advert that I liked and decided to use it as inspiration for a journal page:

Using the above picture as a starting point, I placed it before me and scribbled across my journal page to re-create the jewels on the page, next I adapted the wording and changed it to suit my page and added colour to it using Neo-colours for the backgrounds and Daler Rowney Pearlescent Acrylic Inks for the jewels and lettering.

Here is my finished page, it was hard to take a good picture of it because the jewels are all shiny and pearly:

I really enjoyed making this page, it was fun to do and it makes me now look at magazines in a different light! I will be looking through them more often in future looking for starting points to make journal pages with!

How about you? Have you ever used magazines to inspire you in this way?


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