Bee The Source Of Your Own Inspiration Journal Page


Whilst flicking through a magazine I came across a small picture which I immediately fell in love with, I think it was all the colours and the shapes in it.

You can see the picture below, look at all those lovely red, pinks and lilac balloons!

I decided to use the above picture as inspiration to make a journal page, I used a pencil to quickly doodle out the basic shapes and feel of the picture and scratched out basic colours using Neo-Colours watercolour crayons in pinks, reds, lilacs and yellows.

I added the doodle of the 2 leaf spigs on the left which were inspired by a small leaf branch that I had picked up outside, I loved the colours and the shapes so I decided to use them on the page as well because I wanted to add a totally different colour to the colour scheme already on the page.

I needed a quote for the page and was momentarily at a loss, I searched the page for an answer and asked myself what I was doing, then it hit me. I was pushing myself to find inspiration to journal, so I came up with the words:

Bee The Source Of Your Own Inspiration

It was a fun page to make which originally started out with no meaning at all, I liked that the lettered quote actually gave it a purpose.

It has a double meaning too; in the art community there is so much plagerism and copying going on and ripping off other peoples styles and ideas  Why do we need to do that when we are all different and unique in our own way?

Embrace your individuality; Don’t make Sheep Art!


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