Paint Skinned House Canvas


I wanted to share with you my latest creation inspired by Tee Thompson’s Three Little Houses livestream video featuring paint skins, Tee does a weekly art show offering some gorgeous art techniques and challenges. You can view the 3 little houses video on the following link:

To begin with I needed some Paint Skins, I have never created them before but had read about them in art books and blogs; it was just one of those things I wanted to try but hadn’t gotten around to yet. After seeing this video it gave me the art kick I needed to have a go myself.

I used plastic mailing envelopes which junk mail catalogues had been posted in as my base for the paint skins, I used ordinary craft acrylic paints and literally threw the paint down on the plastic until I had completed covered the plastic surface. I didn’t use a brush to blend the colours, I let the paint do that all by itself naturally.

See pictures below of wet acrylic paint on the plastic – very messy and colourful! By flicking the paint direct from the bottle onto the plastic it created interesting patterns:

I set the plastic aside to dry, it took 2 days before it started to set because it was quite thick, once it was dry I carefully peeled off the paint skins and set the pieces to air dry out naturally on the other side onto a plastic grocery bag:

Next I set about painting a basic house shape onto one of my handmade art canvases I had made earlier, the paint was still wet when I took the picture below hence the shininess:

Below is my finished house complete with paint skins and collage bits and pieces to finish it off, notice the little postage stamp of a rooster perched on my fence 😀

Close up of house detail:


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  1. Trish I love the great depth and detail of your little house! I regret to inform you that you have squatters. Namely myself and Ande .. we moved into the top floor as soon as you finished the roof. You’ll have to file and injunction to get us out too cause we changed the locks. LOL

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