Making My Own Art Canvases


I came across this fab tutorial online for making art canvases from recycled Soap Boxes on Alma Stoller’s blog recently, you can read all about it on the following url:

After reading this tutorial I have been obsessed with collecting and re-purposing all the boxes and packaging I can get my hands on!

Heres some of my boxes that I prepared with masking tape to reinforce them prior to adding the layer of papers:

I even applied masking tape to the cardboard mailing packages that Amazon send out the books you buy in so I could make them into art boards:

One of my handmade canvases with a layer of printed book paper on it prior to gesso-ing

A stack of handmade canvases waiting to be art-ed on:

Now I have art canvases in all shapes and sizes, trouble is I cant stop making them!!


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  1. Wow what a great idea! I have been recycling the cardboard from carbonated water packages to use as row houses and hears…I never thought about this! Great idea!

  2. Trish!! This is JUST what I needed to see today! {how did you know? are you in my head?! lol}
    I have just relaunched my little arty business, but with no money from taking time off to re-focus, I am struggling. I neeeed more canvases but can’t afford them.
    Bingo! You just gave me the solution. And what a wonderful solution it is. Earth-friendly. Love it.
    Thank you, Zoe (that one from BOD who hasn’t been around very much lately)

    (*whispers* watch out for postmen carrying bright envelopes next week…)

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