Animal Totem Fox Journal Page


I just realised I never shared my animal totem journal page I created for the Fox on my blog.

Recently I wanted to find out what my animal totem was, I took several online questionnaires and surveys but I wasnt satisfied with the answers because they just didnt feel right for me.

So I sent out a message to the universe; I am looking for my animal totem guide, please send me a sign.

I held this thought in the back of my mind for a few days, every time I went outside I kept my mine open looking for a sign but nothing was happening, I almost gave up because the universe wasn’t listening to me and it certainly wasn’t sending me a sign I was looking for.

Then it happened, we were out walking the dog and a fox ran right across our path in broad day light! It gave me such a fright, I was stunned for a moment and then I had this thought in my mind….is this the sign I was waiting for??

My heart tells me it was.

Here is my page dedicated to my Fox Totem:


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  1. Just came over from fb- this is such a pretty, and chock full of info blog! I love what you have shown here- from your animal totem (I’m not sure what that is, I can only surmise) to your painted skins, your houses, and your lettering!! I love it all!! I’ll be back~

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