Wrecking My Journal


Ive had a ‘Wreck This Journal’ for a while but up until now I have never touched it because it just didnt feel right to deface a book. Which is kinda strange when you think about it because in the past I have had no problems tearing out book pages for making into backgrounds and collages in my art  and I have also had no issues defacing a book for altering strangely enough.

I guess I just wasn’t as brave as I thought I was.

For those of you who dont know what a ‘Wreck This Journal’ is; have a look see at the following linksie:


Ive been having a rough ride recently with my fibro flare up, the pain has been pretty bad and I have been unable to move due to it.

I have been missing my art time because its the only thing that helps me keep sane so I decided to have a go at defacing this journal because I figured it might help keep my mind occupied for a little while and I didnt need to move much to do it as all I needed was a couple of pens to get started.

So I made a start on wrecking my journal, finally after all this time!

Heres the first couple of pages which I have done so far, I will  share more as I do them:


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  1. glad you found a way of arting even through the pain
    hope it helped take your mind of it for awhile
    looks like a fun process smashing a journal

  2. Hooray for anything that helps us create when we’re in pain! I went to the link you provided and everything sounded wonderful until the words ‘and destroy’. But I think I’ll keep an open mind and watch your process, lol!

  3. I love looking at these pages. Such great ideas that I intend to use one day when i start altering books (guess that is an old term now but was used when I first started dabbling in it). Sorry your fibro is holding you back and hope your days are better now.

  4. Wow! I feel bad enough when I wreck my art and didn’t mean to. It might be therapeutic though. If it takes your mind off the pain for awhile I’d be willing to try it.

  5. I love what you have done to yours. I started mine & after the shower & dropping it I think I kinda lost interest in it. LOL I don’t think I had many pages left to finish it. It was fun though.

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