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Couple More Lettering Pages To Share


Heres a couple more lettering style journal pages I finished off recently, if you click on them you can see them larger and in more detail:


Scratch Art Post Card


Ive had this set of scratch art postcards in for a while just waiting for me to use them, I finally dusted one off and had a go with it using the scratchy tools.

Scratch Art boards has a thin black coating on them which you scratch off to reveal a brightly coloured background underneath, they are pretty inexpensive and usually found in the childrens craft section in toy and hobby shops.

Heres what I did with mine; its a little rough as I was trying to get used to the tool you use which didnt seem to like me much because I am left handed and they are obviously designed for right handed peeps!

Nature Lettering Art Journal Page


Here is another page I have just finished up today dedicated to Nature in all her glory, all the words I chose for this page are all inspired by nature.

It goes without saying I had too much fun making this page, I get a lot of joy out of making these types of pages in my journal.

Art Journal Prompt:

Including the word NATURE; choose 18 words which make you think of Nature and include them in a decorated Nature themed journal page.

Tree Of Life Journal Page


This is another page I did inspired by a photograph taken from a magazine, you can see the magazine picture below I used:

To start my page I used a pencil to freehand draw a rough draft showing the basic shapes shown on the necklace above, I was particulary drawn to the large leaf like shapes around the upper half of the pendant so I began making a circle type mandala shape made up of all leaf like shapes.

At this point I wasnt sure where I was going with the picture so I started scribbling absent mindedly to see what I could do and I ended up dividing the circle into 4 sub-sections. I then decided to write the 4 elements inside the four sections; Water, Earth, Wind and Fire and doodled a little image to represent each of them.

Next I looked at the image and it reminded me of a tree in full bloom so I decided to go with that concept and did some shapes to make it feel more tree-like and added a treee trunk to the bottom.

Once I was happy with how it looked I watercoloured it using Neocolour watercolour pastels and outlined it using the outliner pencil taken from the set of 24 inktense pencils.

Which you can see below:

Close Up Of The Circle Part:

I really enjoyed making this page inspired by the pendant picture, its funny how you can take one concept of the photo and turn it into something completely different!

Why don’t you have a go at doing it too? And see what YOU can come up with using the original photo of the pendant as your inspiration?

Art Journal Prompt:

Use the picture below to inspire you to create an Art Journal Page – you can use the shapes, colours or whatever you like to inspire your page art:

Summer Colours Journal Page


Still flicking through my magazine for inspiration here 😀

I came across another advert that appealed to me, this one features all these gorgeous summery colours and shapes which you can see below:

I decided to use this as my inspiration and doodled some of the shapes freehand using my pencil in my journal pages to make a big 2 page spread.

All colouring was added using Caran D’ache Neo-Colour Water Colour Crayons; Ive fallen in love with using them again after they ruined so many of my pens in the past. I discovered that you can use the Derwent Inktense ‘Outliner’ pencil with them which you get in the set of 24 colours to outline with and you don’t need to ruin your pens!

The flowers where hilighted using a White Souffle Pen by Sakura to add further interest.

I added a lot more blue and green to my page because I love those colours so much and I wanted mine to be different to the advert and not a complete carbon copy.

These colours really make me think about Summer; how about you? What are your favourite summery colours to use?

Bee The Source Of Your Own Inspiration Journal Page


Whilst flicking through a magazine I came across a small picture which I immediately fell in love with, I think it was all the colours and the shapes in it.

You can see the picture below, look at all those lovely red, pinks and lilac balloons!

I decided to use the above picture as inspiration to make a journal page, I used a pencil to quickly doodle out the basic shapes and feel of the picture and scratched out basic colours using Neo-Colours watercolour crayons in pinks, reds, lilacs and yellows.

I added the doodle of the 2 leaf spigs on the left which were inspired by a small leaf branch that I had picked up outside, I loved the colours and the shapes so I decided to use them on the page as well because I wanted to add a totally different colour to the colour scheme already on the page.

I needed a quote for the page and was momentarily at a loss, I searched the page for an answer and asked myself what I was doing, then it hit me. I was pushing myself to find inspiration to journal, so I came up with the words:

Bee The Source Of Your Own Inspiration

It was a fun page to make which originally started out with no meaning at all, I liked that the lettered quote actually gave it a purpose.

It has a double meaning too; in the art community there is so much plagerism and copying going on and ripping off other peoples styles and ideas  Why do we need to do that when we are all different and unique in our own way?

Embrace your individuality; Don’t make Sheep Art!