She-Devil Art


A lot of creative folks out there are addicted to doing ‘She Art’ made popular by the multitalented Christy
Tomlinson, she makes the most amazing doll art using patterned papers and awesome background techniques which are really to squee for.

While I love the whole look and concept of this type of art, I really wanted to add my own personal twist to the ‘technique’; if you can call it a technique?

This is where I came up with the idea of ‘She-Devil Art’…she is the darker sexier version of the pretty She-Art and really no…REALLY much more MEEEEEEE!

I started off with a basic doll template I found online and used that as the base for my She Devil shape, once I had the doll shape down I started doodling on the template and before I knew it a She-Devil magicked before my very eyes!

Here is an initial painted sketch of  the first She Devil I designed, she kinda came to life right before my eyes:

Note the whip, kinky boots, mask and basque; I was really tempted to put gold brads on there for pointy Madonna style boobs but could’ve find any small enough brads I liked 😛

I think Red is SOOO her colouring too don’t ya fink?

Below are a couple of completed ‘She-Devil’ Art Doll Journal Pages I completed, as you can see from the picture below I decided to replace her whip with a pitchfork:

I had so much fun creating the She-Devil and cant wait to do some more!! <grins>


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