Just a quick reminder, its not to late to join in the giveaway – I will be drawing winners on Sunday!

Lost Muse Journals

Yesterday I decided to have a look-see amongst my collection of duplicate Artist Trading Cards Ive made over the years for various swaps, challenges and what not and almost gave myself a fright when I realised how many spares I have amassed over the years!

Those of you who have followed my various newsletters, blogs and websites over the years (thank you) will no doubt be well aware that I have a tendency to go a little OTT when I am enjoying making something; after all why bother just making 1 single atc when I can  go overboard and make 10 of them huh? 😛

But what is a girl to do with so many spare atcs?

Then it hit me….GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!

So I decided to do a blog give-away for not one but 2 lucky blog followers!!  Yay!

Look at the following 2 pictures of ALL the atcs you could win…count them… 36 individual…

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  1. I am new to this website. Would love to win your ATC’s. I have some I did from years ago and the new improved ones I do now. Perhaps I will get into trading. I dont make doubles though, one of each because they take me a while.

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