21 Secrets – Intuitive Layers Class With Dina Wakely


I signed up recently for 21 Secrets, its an online playground aimed at Art Journaling, featuring 21 classes from 21 different teachers! I had been umming and ahhing over whether to sign up for this class but I am so glad I finally pushed myself to do it because I have had a lot of fun playing with my first class so far!

My first port of call on the 21 Secrets Playground was Dina Wakely’s class which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Being deaf and unable to hear the instructions on the video I found the additional pdf’s a godsend and they helped me immensely. The videos are pretty self explanatory and I enjoyed watching Dina create her Pointy People art from start to finish.

I thought I would share my step by step photo’s of the artwork I made from this class, I didnt do pointy people for my ‘homework’ but Im guessing thats ok because we are free to use the instructions to inspire us to make our own take on this technique.

Below are the photos of the first steps where you have to draw random shapes with a pencil – I didnt have the special pencil needed for this technique so I substituted with an Ink Black Inktense pencil instead which worked perfectly.

As you can see I did 3 initial random pencil sketches on large A3 sized paper to start with and then used those sketches as a base for my finished pictures which I are below:

Now to decide what class I want to to do next 😀


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  1. I love these! I am presently doing the same class on 21 secrets. I’m not sure I like paint as much as I like pens and markers. Still trying to find my voice. But you did great! Are you happy with them?

    • Janet, truthfully I am never really happy about anything I make, but Im not doing it to make a perfect page, Im concentrating on the journey I took to make them and the experience and lessons I learnt along the way.

      I had a lot of fun with the paints making the layers and just scribbling and sticking bits down, it made me feel happy when I created them. So while they are not ‘perfect’ they did take me to my ‘happy place’ so therefore I love them for that reason alone.

  2. These look great Trish and I love the way you have said you don’t care if it’s not perfection you’re just enjoying the journey . I can learn a lot from you!! :0)

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