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More Lettering Journal Pages


I finished these up this morning and wanted to get them uploaded before I forgot all about them šŸ˜€

Here they are below:


My Flow Journal Pages Inspired By Connie Hozvicka’s Painting Fearless Class


I have a couple more things to share with you, these are 2 journal pages I did for the 21 Secrets Playground ‘Flow with Connie Hozvicka’. The idea of this class is to paint freely and intuitively allowing your muse to play and scribble with paint and build up layers of paint.

The emphasis on this class is more about the playful process rather than the end results and I must say I really enjoyed this process very much!

Heres my 2 journal pages I painted for assignment 1:

Lettering Art Styled Journal Pages


Here are a couple of journal pages taken from my sketchbook which I have just finished off.

After playing around with paints for the past few weeks I decided I needed to take a bit of a break and ventured back into my lettering and doodling style pages which I also love to do so much.

I am a bit of a creative grasshopper who often gets bored with one style, medium or technique and I find myself constantly leaping from one art medium or technique to the next in the hopes to keep fresh and interesting.

I have a couple more pages half way done and will share them as soon as I have finished them up.

She-Devil Art


A lot of creative folks out there are addicted to doing ‘She Art’ made popular by the multitalented Christy
Tomlinson, she makes the most amazing doll art using patterned papers and awesome background techniques which are really to squee for.

While I love the whole look and concept of this type of art, I really wanted to add my own personal twist to the ‘technique’; if you can call it a technique?

This is where I came up with the idea of ‘She-Devil Art’…she is the darker sexier version of the pretty She-Art and really no…REALLY much more MEEEEEEE!

I started off with a basic doll template I found online and used that as the base for my She Devil shape, once I had the doll shape down I started doodling on the template and before I knew it a She-Devil magicked before my very eyes!

Here is an initial painted sketch of Ā the first She Devil I designed, she kinda came to life right before my eyes:

Note the whip, kinky boots, mask and basque; I was really tempted to put gold brads on there for pointy Madonna style boobs butĀ could’veĀ find any small enough brads I liked šŸ˜›

I think Red is SOOO her colouring too don’t ya fink?

Below are a couple of completed ‘She-Devil’ Art Doll Journal Pages I completed, as you can see from the picture below I decided to replace her whip with a pitchfork:

I had so much fun creating the She-Devil and cant wait to do some more!! <grins>

Spring ATC Give Away Results (finally)


Remember the give away I announced a while back to win a stash of 36 handmade artist trading cards??

Yup that was waaaaaay back when it was actually SUNSHINING in England….well Ive finally got my act together to do the drawing for the winners… *faints*

Remember there are not 1 but 2 lucky winners being picked to win a set of Ā 36 handmade atcs each!

There were 43 participants in the draw in total:

  1. Denise
  2. Greta Gubbins
  3. scrapunzel1
  4. Hope g
  5. Desiree Oude Groothuis
  6. Lynne Florig-Beck
  7. Mair Hughes
  8. Cynthia Hanna
  9. Melissa N
  10. Val
  11. Lois Romeo
  13. Hobby
  14. theresamack
  15. pjgbear
  16. Shannon Ganshorn
  17. paintwitch
  18. Mary Dean
  19. Julee Herrmann
  20. Janelle Marks
  22. Lynn Losak
  23. Marcus Coltrin
  24. Wendy Erman
  25. Cheryl’s Excellent Adventure
  26. Tina
  27. Sarah Cooper
  28. Sue Barlow
  29. Anne Squire
  30. Myrto
  31. hartofhearts1016
  32. bryantgm
  33. Robin
  34. Connie
  35. June @
  36. Dawn Gold
  37. hilda aka crafty creations
  38. Pauline A
  39. Gill Jolly
  40. Luane
  41. fzelda
  42. Cat
  43. Amalia

I entered the numbers in the random number picker widget over at and….

The winners are…………drumroll please!

Which means the winners are:

35.Ā June @


2. Ā Greta Gubbins

Congratulations to you both!

Please can you send me a private message on Facebook with your mailing details so I can send your atcs to you! My facebook profile url is:

Doodle Face Drawings


A couple of doodle face drawings Ive been scribbling on using neocolours, I decided to go for unconventional face colours rather than get bogged down on realism, they look a little raw but I like the scratchiness of them. I might glue them into a journal page at a later date but for now Im sharing what I did: