Encaustic Artist Trading Cards


I added the finishing touches to these artist trading cards this morning and wanted to share them with you 🙂

I recently found my encaustic art mini craft iron while sorting out my art stash and decided to celebrate the occasion by actually USING it to make some encaustic art backgrounds with.

As usual I created LOTS of backgrounds, many of which I have yet to use in art projects, when I use them I will be sharing those too but for now heres the smaller backgrounds that I made into artist trading cards below:

These are the backgrounds prior to making into ATCs:

And below is a gallery of the finished artist trading cards, I stamped them using silhouette stamps in black ink and added highlights to make them pop a little (click on thumbnails to see them better):


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    • You use it with encaustic waxes, you melt them directly onto the iron (which looks like a mini travel iron) and then you paint the melted wax onto the card background.

  1. Sounds like a really interesting technique Trish. I’m going to have to do some searches to see what I come up with. Somehow I don’t think my apartment complex would like me to have wax on the carpet.

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