Spring Fever Artist Trading Card Giveaway


Yesterday I decided to have a look-see amongst my collection of duplicate Artist Trading Cards Ive made over the years for various swaps, challenges and what not and almost gave myself a fright when I realised how many spares I have amassed over the years!

Those of you who have followed my various newsletters, blogs and websites over the years (thank you) will no doubt be well aware that I have a tendency to go a little OTT when I am enjoying making something; after all why bother just making 1 single atc when I can  go overboard and make 10 of them huh? 😛

But what is a girl to do with so many spare atcs?

Then it hit me….GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!

So I decided to do a blog give-away for not one but 2 lucky blog followers!!  Yay!

Look at the following 2 pictures of ALL the atcs you could win…count them… 36 individual handmade atcs – all featuring different styles and themes.

They could be *YOURS*

That’s right 2 lucky winners will receive each and every single artist trading card featured in the following 2 pictures below:

So What Do You Have To Do To Enter The Giveaway Draw?

Three Simple Things:

1. Follow this blog

2. Share this post either on facebook or on your blog.

3. Add a comment below stating:  ‘What You Love Most About Spring’

Winners will be drawn in 2 weeks time, there will be 2 lucky names drawn randomly who will recieve each and every atc featured in the above pictures.

* Note: comments are moderated so you wont see them show up straight away. *

Good luck everyone!


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  1. My birthday is the 1st day of Spring. So, that is a great start. Then I like that it is a new beginning. I love hearing the birds & watching the trees & flowers budding/blooming out. The fresh, clean air that comes with Springtime is wonderful too. I love your ATCs & I thank you for the chance to win. I am a follower & I will post this on my blog! 🙂

  2. Love SPRING for the sounds of the birds, the smell in the air, the first daisies to make a necklace with, the sun on my skin, the beer on a terrace and all the little folks like puppies, chicken, lambs and fairies that are coming out of their holes !

  3. I love Spring for so many reasons … the warmth of the sun, the smell of dirt and grass, the sounds of the birds, and the COLOURS, so many of them and so very welcome after months of drab winter weather. Thanks Trish, you are so inspiring!

  4. Hi Trish! I’ve posted this on my Creative Artitudes FB page and already follow your blog 🙂
    What I love about Spring is the sense of new beginnings and possibilities; a renewal of abundance; the explosion of growing things and new life; and the colors – the sheer joy of fresh, vibrating, juicy color!

  5. What I like most about spring is I dont have to wear a heavy coat and boots and gloves anymore. The weather is nicer, it is more fun to go places and it revitalizes that feeling that comes with the sunshine that it is great to be alive!!!!

  6. For me personally….Spring is a rebirth, the new growth of life in the gardens, it represents our new growth in the life ahead, with winter now behind us a time to look ahead at the challenges for the rest of the year. Hope and optimism. The ability to see lifes true colours rather than the grey dark skies now behind us.

  7. Love all the spring flower photo opportunities! Lots o’ blossoms for journal art. Posting on my social media now. Good luck everyone!

  8. I subscribed and shared on FB. What I love most about Spring is I live in VA, and that is when all the flowers here are blooming. It’s totally gorgeous! Also, that’s when I tend to come out of hibernation and S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) goes away! 🙂

  9. I’m following your BLOGGURT, Sister! Oh and I shared it on my HeArtCollective Fan page on FB… and tweeted it and shared it on my personal page… Super Share! 🙂

    My favorite thing about Spring is absolutely the blossoming trees! It makes me happy to see little flowers everywhere I go!

    Happy Day!

  10. I would love to win your lovely collection of ATCs. They all look wonderful, so thanks for the giveaway. I love the spring flowers and all the flowering trees the most. Everything warming up and coming back to life really makes me happy.

  11. Spring is warm, bright, and energizing! I love to plant new seeds in the garden, clean out all of those dusty areas in my life, and set new goals for myself. The outdoors call to me in the spring so that I may hike, camp, cycle, run, and backpack! There is a reason the symbol around Easter is the egg…time to sow new life into our art and ourselves!

  12. I love coming out of hibernation and caring more about my body. I begin to think how delicious the sun will be on my shoulders and face. Then I remember that spring and summer mean fewer clothes…and that I need to get busy and get moving. It feels good when I get back to being active–walking, hiking, swimming, camping.

  13. The most important thing to me in spring is the daffodils. They have a very special meaning that is close to my heart .

  14. I like most about spring is the newness and bright greens and other colors that you can see and almost smell…. I would love a ATC from you and thanks for that chance……

  15. Posted to my Facebook timeline! ok now for why i love Spring: It reminds me of Home! I was born and raised in Guatemala, met a handsome Marine through best friend a move to the US many years ago but Guatemala has a special place in my heart. It is also known as the land of eternal Spring. Guatemala has a an extraordinary amount of color and textures, not only in nature but in the textiles created by our Indian population. The weather is perfect year around, flowers bloom all year long, there is no need for air conditioners or heaters. The mornings are crisp, the days are mild and the evenings are chilly perfect for snuggling or reading or creating. Spring reminds me of Home!

  16. Spring is right before my favorite time..the summer and the beach..!Ill share on Stumble, FB, Twitter and Pinterest…WooHoo..hope I win..!Thanks so much..!and Ill follow through RSS..!

  17. I love the New birth’ in Spring, I have been watching the lambs since they were tiny this year and yesterday saw a brand new foal with its mother …. the gorgeous array of spring flowers beginning to bud also make my heart smile.
    Great atc collection my friend.
    thanks for the giveaway, i will share on FB
    June xxxx

  18. What a wonderful collection of your art Trish…x
    Spring for me reminds me of my childhood and the 1st poem I ever wrote…

    Yellow is this flower that comes in Spring
    with long green stem so green and slim
    it is so gay
    it is so bright
    to cheer our hearts
    and keep them light –

    SO daffodils, bluebells, birds waking up, the freshness of the days, those are what Spring brings to mind for me

  19. What I love most about Spring is the way the light softly changes and the air warms and smells of all the new growth and delicate blossom…my favourite time of year.

  20. Hi Trish, I posted the ATC link to Facebook (but my comment is about you, not Spring)…so here is spring in California.
    I love the soft and steady rejuvenation, the dark days and bare trees turning lighter and brighter and blossoming into life.

  21. Fishing, fishing, fishing … yes the fishing season starts to open … and I get to go outdoors and meet a few and release them back into the wild …. Fishing … yipeee! woopeee!

  22. What I love most about spring: the color of the new white oak leaves as they emerge here in northern California – so delicate, almost yellow, a tinge along the branches that lights up the whole tree. Gorgeous, glorious.

  23. I’ll already receive an ATC from you Trish, since we’re in the same team but I want mooooore! 🙂 love what I see in the photo and I’m so psyched now! What I love about spring the most??? hmm… I love the sudden light rain that falls on new blooms, and makes everything smell so deliciously that it makes you wanna hide your face in the grass and take deep breaths!

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