Abstract Floral Doodle Journal Page


Ive always worked with large ‘drop sheets’  when making art and backgrounds.

Drop sheets are basically just plain white large sheets of blank paper that serve a dual purpose – firstly they are to protect my work surface because I am a messy painter and believe me it gets everywhere 😀

The other purpose is so that I can utalise the messy drop sheets at a future date and use them to make art backgrounds or journal pages with.

The following journal page started out as one of my drop sheets which I had used to paint paper die cut flower shapes; I laid the flowers down flat on the page and painted over them, as I was doing this I noticed the nice negative flower patterns that where forming across the page and just knew I wanted to use one as a journal page.

This is what it looked like after I’d added a bit of colour to the page and outlined the flower shapes and added leaves & a heart:

Finished piece; I added further doodles and scribbles using paint pens and markers and had a lotta fun making it 🙂


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  1. ooo, the top one reminds me of stained glass. BOTH are gorgeous, even if they are the same, lol. Listen, Trish, you realllllly oughta get a scanner, or if you have one, use it! You could have some amazing digital backgrounds! xoxo

  2. Your work is so amazing! I find so much inspiration and instruction coming here.
    THANK YOU for posting so much detail. I don’t have much luck with white pens.
    Which did you use for this?

    • I use Sakura White Gel Pens usually, both the normal ones and the glaze ones. I also use a dip pen with white artist inks if I cant get a bold enough white effect on the page. Thanks for your comments.

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