February Heart Themed ATCs


Last night I finished up my artist trading cards for a swap I am running this year, these are my February themed atcs which are obviously inspired by valentines day :)I made the heart embellishments at the weekend for these cards, you can see how I created them on the following link:


The atc background behind the heart was simple to make, I like the ‘clean cut’ look of them which is worlds apart from how I usually create.

The atc blanks where white cardstock, so I stamped a swirly background on half of the atc using a versamark red inkpad.

Next I took some colour wash spray and dyed some really bright garish scrapbook papers I had to make them match the red theme I wanted to use and tore the paper into strips and affixed them to the centre of the atcs to make a central border.

Finally I used a sponge and red colourwash spray to dye the right hand side of the atcs to give it a splash of colour and let it dry.

To finish up I assembled the heart to the middle of the atc, cut out the stamped word ‘amour’ and added 3 rhinestone gems to give it a bit of bling.

Im looking forward to seeing what everyone else in the swap did for their February’s atcs!


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