Mixed Media Heart Embellishments


I made these heart embellishments today to decorate my artist trading cards for my February swap.

They started out as offcuts from a sheet of non stick cooking mesh which I bought from the pound shop; if you dont know what cooking mesh is, this is what it looks like below:

I had offcuts because the sheet was too big for our oven so I trimmed it down, I didnt want to throw away the offcuts incase I could use them in some way in a future project and I am happy to say that day finally arrived!

I started out by drawing a basic heart shape template for the mesh which I then used to cut up several heart shapes from the mesh itself using scissors. I then glued the mesh shapes onto a sheet of printed tissue paper using ordinary craft glue and left them to dry overnight. At this point this is what the hearts looked like:

Next I sprayed over the hearts using Radiant Rain Colourwash Sprays in a nice pink and purple reddish colour, while the ink was still wet I poured clear embossing powder over the top of the entire heart and heat set it, then added another layer of embossing powder to give it a thicker texture and left it to cool down.

Once cooled I used scissors to cut the hearts out again and you can see some of them below:

All ready to be used on my artist trading cards – I have no idea what Im doing next so *watch this space*


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