A Bit Of Texture Play


I wanted to share my latest playtime experiment that I did earlier today – wow Im actually blogging it the same day and now a week later…*faints*

I did this piece on a sheet of thick acrylic board, I love working on that as it is pretty study and can withstand all the layers of embossing powders and media.

This piece started out as a scrap sheet to test my radiant rain dabbers and getting them working for the first time, Ive had the dabbers a while now and just never got around to using them so finally I decided today is that day I use them. Funnily enough for some reason I had always assumed they were like metallic acrylic paints before I bought them like those ranger paint daubers and they arent at all! In actual fact the Radiant Rain daubers are pure colour concentrate which is a dream to use and transparent just like ink – I thinks Im in love with them!!

Anyways after testing the dabbers on the piece of board I decided I wanted to do something to it and use it somehow in a mixed media background of sorts.

So I took some white pva glue and dribbled some dollops on the surface, while the glue was still wet I got some blue, pink and gold mica powders and sprinkled it on the glue.

Next up I grabbed the heat gun and blasted the glue and mica powders till they started bubbling and making a gooey texture, I liked that but wanted more so I started sprinkling on various colours of embossing powders – white pearl, pink pearl and clear and melted them to make lots of  uneven layers on the surface.

While the embossing powder was still hot (but not liquid) I used hot fix foil transfer and pressed it in the raised embossed areas to get a shiny effect which I then heated again to make it go all distorted.

Finally I started throwing on strands of angelina fibers onto to the surface and shredded pieces of fusible film and they stuck to the embossing layers and disorted even more.

I really enjoyed doing this because it was just creative play; throwing things onto a background for the sheer hell of it, its been a long time since I did anything like this and Ive missed it.

Close Up Of Texture:


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