My Grandads Pen Journal Page


I was sorting through my pens last night to see which ones still worked, I use them a lot and am always running them out or splitting the nibs and wanted some easier format for organising them all.

As I was sat there scribbling on a piece of scratch paper to see how they worked suddenly I was hit with a feeling of intense deja vu, I clearly remembered sitting and playing with my granddads favourite green fountain pen when I was small and I could pinpoint that exact moment in time was when my love for pens and doodling started.

I decided to get my thoughts out and created a quick journal page to reflect this.


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  1. Hi Trish,
    Your postcard arrived today and I am so excited that your art has come to me. It just so happens that I have been on your posts a number of times this past week. Thanks for the card…I really want to learn more about the technique.Please email me because I couldn’t get yours to work. thanks again. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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