Doodle Backgrounds


I have just finished doodling on my painted backgrounds which I created using the video lessons featured on Traci Bautista’s free online Doodles Unleashed Workshops as my inspiration.

I had a lot of fun doodling onto these bright backgrounds, this is the first time Ive actually used paints to doodle with rather than pen and ink and I must say I might be getting hooked! I love the wonkyness and unpredictable nature of the paint and brush as you slap it down and doodle!  I want to make some more!!!!

Here are my completed backgrounds, if you click on the thumbnails you can see them bigger, I think they are a lil too bright for my art journal so I will have to find another use for them 🙂


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  1. Theses are great! I am taking that workshop too. I have only done one painting so far, but I am pretty happy with it! I think I will cut these up and use them somehow in my art journal or make happy mail from them 🙂

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