Round Peg In A Square Hole Journal Page


Effy on Book Of Days gave us 2 challenges this week for our Book Of Days Journals.

Challenge 1 was to use mosaics somehow in our journal which I accomplished with ease simply because I adore working with multicolour bits of paper 🙂

Challenge 2 was a little harder for me; we where tasked with ‘doing that challenges us’ – for me simply making art every day is a bit of a challenge in itself especially with the old fibro symptoms 🙂 But after some soul searching I decided to take a tongue in cheek approach to my feelings of not ‘fitting in’. The wording ‘do you ever feel like a round peg trying to fit in a square hole’ sums up my feelings on this exactly.

Here’s my finished journal page including a couple of step by step photo:

Step 1: Cut up random squares using scrap papers and glue to journal page with glue:

Step 2: Smear a wash of watered down gesso over entire page, when dry paint on a layer of thinned down goache paint as below:

Finished journal page below, I outlined the squares using fine liner pen, doodling by Sharpie and dots by pro-marker:


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  1. Hi Trish, I love it. I too often feel like a round peg fitting into a square hole. I used to fight it and hide it, but I finally realized it was OK. There are lots of us out there. We just need to find each other! Now I am much happier just being who I am! Love the BOD project!

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