Protective Worksheet & Mop Up Backgrounds


Whenever Im playing with inks or paints I always work on layers of protective worksheets, these can be anything from plain white copier paper, kitchen towelling or even newspaper.

I know a lot of people like to work on the non stick liners for background because they are easier to clean up afterwards, not me! I much prefer working on papers as my protective layers because it means I get to recycle my worksheets as wonderful accidental background art in my future projects.

I to use kitchen towelling a lot in my artwork to blot off excess inks and paints or sometimes when I have changed my mind about a colour or ink to remove it totally, I also use them for cleaning my brushes and wiping off paint from my plastic palette too.

Instead of throwing these painty kitchen tissues away when Im done, I lay them out flat to air dry and use them at a later date. They can be a little fragile to work with, kinda like tissue paper, so I usually glue them to paper afterwards to add a bit of strength to them.

Below are some of these backgrounds when I created using my paper and kitchen towel surface protectors, they are much too nice to throw away, I cant wait to use them somehow…


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