Retro Style Photographs


Yesterday I didnt blog because I was feeling rather sore and shaky due to slipping in the mud and landing on the floor in a heap, I did manage to do some artwork despite my fall but as yet have no completed pages to share as they are all work in progresses.

Today was another windy day but we had to go out to the doctors to get my prescription as my meds have nearly run out, despite the sharp winds the sun was shining, it was hard walking due to yesterdays fall as all my joints are a lot achier than usual but it had to be done!

I thought Id share my pictures I took from todays walk, they were all taken with my retro camera app on my android phone, again the pictures where pretty boring till I tweaked them at home using Picnik imaging software to give them an artsy twist.

Im really starting to get into the swing of taking pictures, its interesting looking for new angles and perspectives on every day scenes.


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