Festive Catch Up


Just a quick blog post to wish everyone a fabulous new year! Lets hope its filled with inspiration, creativity, love and health.

I have signed up for a number of challenges, classes and motivational prompts and creative journeys, so I have no excuse not to be inspired this new year!

To assist me in my creativity I have moved some of my art supplies around to make them more easily accessible when my muse strikes so I dont have to waste half an hour trying to locate everything! Every second counts when you have fibro cos once you get tired your too knackered to move!

I thought I would share with you a couple of photo’s of my fur babies I took over the holiday season.

Our dog Harry, she opened her Christmas pressies early! She loves those little doggie Christmas mince pies:

Our Cat Tibby, she also opened her Christmas pressies early, she loves her cat nip filled toys 🙂

Heres a couple of photo’s of our dog out on her walk playing with her new ball she got in one of her Christmas gifts:

I picked up a real bargain in the January sales this year from an online store only £9.99! Heres a picture of it below:

Im going to use it with my new Vagabond machine to stamp with my unmounted stamps because I cant stamp so well these days due to my weak wrists.

Thats my little festive catch up blog post done, I hope to do a lot more daily blogging in 2012 – better watch out you dont get sick of me 🙂

Until next time…




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