My Photo Journal Project For 2012


I came across this free photography project yesterday called 365project while following blog links and the idea instantly appealed to me;  for 1 year you take 1 single photo every single day of anything you like and upload and share it to the website into your own personal album.

Its kinda like making a visual journal of your life by taking one single picture a day, I liked that idea! So I immediately registered for my free account and thought Id give it a whirl.

Obviously I am a late starter for 2011, but I didnt let that stop me <grin> Today I took a photo and uploaded it to my gallery over there, I figured I might as well get some practise in and get used to the tools. Its pretty easy to use actually, all you do is click to upload and then enter your photo details and date & you are done!

I decided that my personal challenge for the 365project is to take photos from a creative perspective and take pictures of things I find inspiring or things I use to help me feel inspired/creative every day during 2012.

My first photo for this challenge  is of my new journal and my current favourite pen I use for writing with in my journal. This is where I record my thoughts & ideas for future art journalling projects.

I took the  picture with my camera phone using a cool retro camera app, I love the film strip it puts on the shots to brighten them up.

Here is my photo (click if you want to enlarge it):


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