Mixed Media Postcard Swap Backgrounds


I have signed up for The Mixed Media Postcard swap which is currently open for sign ups, the link incase you too are interested in joining is here: http://musingsonrealities.blogspot.com/2011/12/international-mixed-media-postcard-swap.html

For the swap Ive been going through my stash of handmade backgrounds looking for some interesting mixed media and 3-Dimensional backgrounds that I can use for the base of my postcards.

While I was searching I came across some half done backgrounds which I never got round to finishing, I think they are what people refer to as ‘UFO’S’ otherwise known as Unfinished Objects; I have a whole stash of things like that, maybe its time I started finishing up some of these long forgotten about projects?

Today was the day I finally finished these background UFO’s and purtied them up using my Alcohol Inks which I havent used for a long LONG, too long infact, time.

Heres some of my postcard alcohol inky backgrounds (click the thumbs to get a bigger picture):



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