Magazine Paper Snowflakes Journal Page


I came across a really cool way of making snowflakes from junk mail on another blog while surfing which took me right back to my primary school days when we used to make snowflake decorations using tissue paper, you can see the details of the snowflakes on the 2 blog links below:

Following the instructions on Michele’s blog I created some snowflakes cut out of glossy magazine papers, once I had cut them out I applied colour to them using my pro-markers in bright blues, pinks and orange and then I glued them down onto my sketchbook page.

Next I applied a light wash of blue gouache paint on the background, I applied it in a ‘scrubby’ dry brush fashion as if I was stencilling so as not to overload the page with paint to make the snowflakes pop.

Once the paint was dry I added a border, highlights and lettering using my black drawing pen, metallic blue gel pen and white paint marker.

A very straight forward page to do but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can see my finished snowflake page below:



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