Creative Life Journal Page


As this year draws to an end my thoughts are automatically drawn to the brand new year ahead of us and what might be in store for us all.

I have only just started to really enjoy the creative process of making things again, before now it has been forced, almost as if I was on automatic pilot; I was simply going through the motions in the hope that somewhere along the line my muse would eventually take over.

I am happy to report that my muse, while she isnt yet fully awake; she has started to stir from her deep slumber and I am afraid that if I don’t feed her by thinking about or creating art on a daily basis that she will return back to her hibernation and that idea fills me with dread.

With that in mind I have decided that my main resolution for 2012 is to simply do more art, to live a ‘Creative Life’, I decided this would be my own personal challenge for 2012, to seek out inspiration and ideas from whatever sources I could in order to feed my creative soul.

I decided to create a journal page to reflect my new years resolution, I took my inspiration from the words ‘Creative Life’ and went from there, the hearts on the page reflect my new found love of art.

Journal Page Stage One:

Below is what the journal page looked like before I added any embellishing to it – to start with I cut out a simple heart string using concertina folded magazine papers and then I cut out 3 larger hearts from the same glossy magazine and glued them on with glue.

Next I washed over the entire page and the heart shapes too using a wash of bright pink gouche paint, when the paint was dry I applied a very light layer of white to make the pink lighter in parts. Then I got a baby wipe and used it to lift some of the paint from the hearts to reveal some of the original pattern.

Finishing The Journal Page:

I added colour to the heart shapes using marker pens; yellow on the larger hearts and pink on the smaller ones, then using a slightly darker shade of pink pen I added borders around the hearts and drew smaller hearts in between the heart strings.

Using a black drawing pen and a gold metallic marker I added dots to embellish around the edges of the hearts to create a border. A broad white paint pen was used to create a white border on the page and then using black and pink markers I lined the white border.

The words CREATIVE LIFE are chip board letters from my stash which I glued on then added a black border around each letter using my marker pen.

I really enjoyed making this page, although I admit it felt strange to be working with hearts at Christmastime 🙂

Lets hope I can keep to my resolution for 2012!


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