Mixed Media Love Canvas


I finished off a canvas I started a while ago last night, it had been sitting there waiting for the finishing touches, well at least I think its finished!

I created the actual heart shapes on the canvas using Golden Molding Paste applied with a knife and 2 different sizes of  heart shaped cookie cutters, first I splodged the paste inside a smaller heart cookie cutter, and then placed a larger heart onto the canvas and added paste around the outside edges of that.

The molding paste is pretty thick and retains its shape well so it doesnt flop after you remove the cookie cutters. the paste took a couple of days to dry properly so I just left it to air dry in the kitchen and forgot all about it.

Once it was dried I painted a coat of Burgandy acrylic paint ( I seem to be addicted to the colour Burgundy lately) and let that dry.

Next I painted on various colours of metallic paints to create a mish mash of shimmery rainbow colours.

I also added cut up cd pieces which I glued into the heart frame to create a kind of mosaic.

Finally I painted the edges of the canvas in more burgundy to give it a finished edge.

Heres what it more or less looks like:


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