Art Preparations For 2012


Well I started the 12 Tags Of Christmas Projects with the very best of intentions but I seemed to wilt halfway through and then I gave up! Story of my life, I cant seem to stick at anything for too long, no staying power any more!

So what’s been happening back here in the cold muddy old North of England?

With it being the Festive Silly Season I automatically start to think about the brand new year ahead of us so with that in mind I am busy preparing for up and coming art projects and I have signed up for a few online challenges and free workshop classes, some of those are listed below incase you haven’t seen them and fancy giving it a whirl yourself:

And of course lets not forget what I am sure will be the wonderful free class by Traci Bausita, you can find the details at the following link:

One of the things Ive decided I would like to explore more of in 2012 is art journalling, so Im hoping that with these challenges I have signed up for I will be able to do just that!

Before all of that I needed some new art journals to work in, but I just couldnt find any that I liked – the sketchbook papers where either too thin, too rough, too small, too big, too sweet or too salty! So in the end I decided the only way to get sketchbooks which I really liked was to MAKE my own using a variety of card stock from my stash and my Zutter Bind It All. Its a pretty neat gadget eh 🙂 Its one of those purchases what you dont use all that often, but when you do, your really glad you bought it!

In all I made 5 brand new journals, for most of them I simply backed them with collage papers to make them look pretty but on one of them, I decided to art up the cover. You can see a photo below of that journal cover I created, the reason Im showing you this one is because I wanted to show you the nice sparkly cover I made for it!

It was very easy to make: I crumpled up plain brown wrapping paper and glued it to the cover of the sketchbook. Next I painted the entire thing with Burgundy Acrylic Paint and let it dry. Then finally I sprayed over the top of the burgundy using  metallic ink sprays in silver, gold and copper and left it to air dry naturally. It gives a lovely shimmer when you move it about in the light.

Close up of the cover – look at that texture!

I couldnt wait to get started in my journal and created a quick collage journal page in it tonight entitled ‘Out With The Old’ – you can see a photo of the page below:

Im looking forward to 2012, the past couple of years have been bad for me healthwise, my lowest point was when I gave up making art and creating because the pain was so bad and I was physically and emotionally exhausted, it was bleak and I felt like I was trapped in a dark hole with no escape, as if I was grieving for a life I could no longer have.

Im learning to live with my Fibro and accept it as a part of who I am now, Ive learned to not feel guilty or depressed because I cant do as much as I used to be able to do, and instead I now embrace the little things I CAN do and accomplish. I’ll never be pain free or get better, but at least I can now blow raspberries and stick two fingers up at my illness!

Thou Shalt Not Best Me Yet!


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