Record Only The Sunny Hours Journal Page


I have a box of quotes on my shelf which I keep meaning to use in my artwork but have never really gotten around to using them until today.

The other day I brushed past the shelf and accidently knocked the quote box and this quote fell out of the box and onto the floor. I picked it up to see what it said and really liked the quote, it made me smile, it was almost as if it had been chosen for me and sent down from *somewhere*

I decided to use it in this simple journal page this evening, the blue background of the journal page was created using my two favourite blue spray inks – Kingfisher Blue Radiant Rain Spray and Outside The Margins Turquoise, I also sprayed silver mica spray inks through a large punchinella scrap to give it a texture which you cant really see in the picture.

The 2 flourishes which you can see at the top and bottom are from a large foam Making Memories Foam stamp which I stamped using Brilliance Mediterranean Blue.

The tag  centrepiece was created first by stamping a word background onto the tag and then overstamping using the ‘Brushless Watercolour Technique’ which I sprayed using mica inks rather than plain water, I love the subtle touch of this technique.

You can see my technique instructions on the following page if you fancy having a go too:

I distressed the edges of the tag using the blade of a craft knife and swiped over it using burgundy distress inkpad and then added the quote , its a pretty simple straight forward journal page, but I do love the sentiment of the featured quote which I feel has been specially chosen for me.


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