My 12 Tags Of Christmas Day Seven Art


Ive just this minute finished my tags for day seven in the 12 Tags Of Christmas, in the original destructions Mr Holtz uses his Kraft Glassine paper, well as per usual I didnt have any so I decided to make some using a technique I discovered a long time ago called ‘Faux Glassine Paper‘, you can find it on the following link:

For this technique I used a sheet of festive printed tissue paper as my background and covered it with floor wax which I left for a few hours to air dry naturally.

Once the faux glassine was dry I tore sections off and layered it onto my tags with vintage scrapbook papers, I added vintage images to keep in with the colour scheme – very easy to create. The only inking I did on the tags was when I scratched the edges of the tags with a craft knife to distress them and then swiped a burgundy distress inkpad along the edges.

Below are the finished tags.


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  1. Not only is it amazing that you had such a wonderful accidental discovery a year and a half ago, but that you also remembered it!!!! I’m having trouble remembering what I did 20 minutes ago. LOL!!!

    • That technique is even older than that! The date on the blog post for the technique is for when I transferred it onto that blog! I copied and pasted it over from my old website to make backups!
      My memory has improved a lot these recent months with the help of all the meds Im taking 🙂

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