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Releasing Journal Page With Tag Inserts


Here is my work in progress for my first page in for my 2012 journal Project;

Our instructions were to create 2 pockets/envelopes or sleeves on our actual pages in which we could include inserts or letters to represent both the passing year 2011 and the forthcoming year 2012.

Upon these inserts we decorate them with our present and future chosen words and journal on one to reflect the old 2011 year and for the forthcoming 2012 we should write a letter to ourselves with our dreams, hopes and wishes for the year ahead.

This is my almost finished page, the tags slip out of the ‘tag holders’ with ease, my plan is to journal on the reverse of the 2 tags which I havent yet done.

The background on the journal page was created using various layers of  inks and paints which I applied using a sponge to create overlapping layers using  punchinella and alphabet stamps, I played around until I was happy with how it looked.

The tags were both created using a Texture Fades embossing folder with my Vagabond, I used a Brilliance Gold inkpad to ink the raised part of the embossed card to add a midas touch. Next I tore the base of tags to add a grungy edge and then glued a piece of  vintage scrapbook paper to give them both a straight edge which I then stamped with number stamps to print them with the year 2011 and 2012 to finish.

On the reverse of the tags I glued on plain card stock which I lightly inked for me to add my journalling onto later on today.

The tag holders were created using 2 strips of card which I painted using copper paint to brighten them up a bit then glued them to the journal page, next I glued wings onto the tag holders which I had cut from scrapbook paper using one of my dies in the Alterations range using the Vagabond die cutting machine.

My chosen word for next year is FOUND, and although I didnt conciously pick a word for 2011 I did notice looking back on the old year that the word ‘LOST’ seemed to sum up my feelings, in a sense I guess you could say the word found me and burned into my subconsciousness.

So using a Dymo Embossing Tool, I printed out  my 2 words for 2011 and 2012 and affixed them to the centre of the wings on the tag holders to finish.


Months Of The Year ATC Swap


For 2012 I am taking part in a ‘Months Of The Year’ artist trading card swap with 8 atc addicts all from the UK, the idea behind the swap is to create an atc in the theme of each calendar month. Inspiration can be drawn from anything at all that the month represents; whether it be seasons, events, festivals, international observances or holidays using any medium at all.

Before I embark on this swap and start making my atcs, I decided to compile together a list of links for future reference and inspiration should I ever get stuck for ideas during the forthcoming year, below are the links I found, if you find any more resources please leave a comment on this blog post so I can add them – thanks!

2012 Holidays, Observances, Events & Festivals:


More Pages From My Sketchbook


I thought Id do another mass post of my sketchbook pages which I just took off my camera before I forget to upload them. Some of them are work in progress and not finished yet, as always you can click on the images to enlarge them:

Camera Apps For Android


Im currently addicted to these groovetastic camera apps for my android mobile phone, they are perfect for livening up photo’s and giving them a grungy vintage effect.

My favourite is Retro Camera a free app which you can read all about here:

Another app I like is FXCamera:


Crayola Paint Pens


I found these cheap on Amazon, they arrived today and they paint surprisingly well, I must admit I didnt buy them for the paint in them, I bought them because I thought they would make good cheap brushes for refilling with water once they are empty…

I decided to test them out on a piece of card to see if I could go over the top of the paint with plain water on a brush to create a wash of the paint and you can 🙂 See the picture below, the top half is the pure paint colour, the bottom half was created by dragging a wet brush over it to make a wash:

My Photo Journal Project For 2012


I came across this free photography project yesterday called 365project while following blog links and the idea instantly appealed to me;  for 1 year you take 1 single photo every single day of anything you like and upload and share it to the website into your own personal album.

Its kinda like making a visual journal of your life by taking one single picture a day, I liked that idea! So I immediately registered for my free account and thought Id give it a whirl.

Obviously I am a late starter for 2011, but I didnt let that stop me <grin> Today I took a photo and uploaded it to my gallery over there, I figured I might as well get some practise in and get used to the tools. Its pretty easy to use actually, all you do is click to upload and then enter your photo details and date & you are done!

I decided that my personal challenge for the 365project is to take photos from a creative perspective and take pictures of things I find inspiring or things I use to help me feel inspired/creative every day during 2012.

My first photo for this challenge  is of my new journal and my current favourite pen I use for writing with in my journal. This is where I record my thoughts & ideas for future art journalling projects.

I took the  picture with my camera phone using a cool retro camera app, I love the film strip it puts on the shots to brighten them up.

Here is my photo (click if you want to enlarge it):