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Embossed Metal Artist Trading Cards


Ive been saving up disposable metal cooking tin trays from the supermarket that I buy my ready to roast veggies in for use in an art project for a while now.

To start with, I cut the metal trays up into workable sheets and used a rubber brayer to completely flatten the tins out and remove all the folds and ridges.

Using a permanent marker I drew basic tree and star shapes onto the metal sheets and then cut the shapes out using scissors.

Next I dug out my Fiskars Texture plates, placed the shapes on one of the texture sides and then using a large ball ended embossing tool I scraped along the surface of the metal shape to emboss the metal.

To add colour I used permanent marker pens scribbled directly on the metal itself.

Hint – if you add 2 or 3 complimentary marker colours onto the metal you can use your fingertips to blend the shades together and add a multicolour shape.

When I was happy with how they looked I assembled the shapes onto atcs which you can see below.

I also added some close up photos of the actual embossed/debossed metal areas too (click on pics to enlarge):


Festive Doodled Artist Trading Cards


This past week Ive been doodling and colouring in some very basic festive designs onto printed book papers.

Working freehand I doodled basic holly leaves and Christmas tree’s shapes with a drawing pencil, then I coloured them in using watercolour paints, next I outlined the shapes using a drawing pen and finally cut them out with scissors.

These shapes have been sitting around waiting for me to decide what to use them for, yesterday I decided to make them into Christmas themed artist trading cards.

You can see them all below:

New Home For Blogging


I have started off a new blog with the same name over on WordPress, the link of the blog is here:

As I type I have just finished moving all my tumblr blog posts over to the new wordpress blog, I preserved the same date and time stamps, art images and my blurbs and mumblings in the format they were originally posted.

When I first started dipping my toes back into the creative waters in April this year, Tumblr suited my needs as I needed a place where I could upload my dabblings with the minimum amount of fuss.

The time has come for me to move onto a proper blogging platform again, wordpress has always been my favourite blogging software so I registered the ‘lost muse journals’ yesterday and got to work.

Thanks for following me so far.