Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Colour In My World


This is a page from my sketchbook I just finished, the sentiment behind it is dedicated to special people who literally mean the whole world to you; someone who makes the world a better place by just being there.

Anyone who has somebody like that in their life should count themselves truly lucky; as I do.


The Sea


A sketch from my book using my new stabilo pens in shades of blues and greens, I wanted to use the pens to add texture rather than lay the colour in flat so I added little line dashes to create that illusion.

Be The Queen Of Your Own Universe


This is a page I did in my art journal this morning; the quote came to me while I was doing the page so I went with it. The idealogoy behind it is to recognise and accept that no matter how small and insignificant other people make you feel in real life; you are still the queen of your own universe and shouldn’t take no crapola from anyone!

Natures Sunshine


This is another quick page I did in my art journal when I got back from our walk earlier. We have been blessed with good weather recently; glorious sunshine and blue skies in abundance. While walking I couldn’t help but notice hundreds of dandelions which have magically bloomed overnight creating splashes of instant yellow sunshine in contrast with mother natures greenery.