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Nature Inspired Journal Pages Updated


Yesterday after I shared some of the pages and art Ive been working on these past few weeks I looked at a couple of my recent pages and decided they didnt feel finished so I added a quick black border around them to bring the whole thing together – a pretty simple thing to do and now they feel complete.

Here they are below:

The page above is inspired by all the golden fields of corn I keep seeing on our dog walks, the picture below is doodled from a photo I took of some flowers:

New Journal Pages To Share


Well hello there! Long time no see!

This is the first time I have actually blogged since May 22nd because I haven’t been making any art due to a fibro flare which left me feeling exhausted and uninspired.

I spent most of June and July playing Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim Role Playing games on the playstation to keep my mind off my pain issues.

After taking some time away from creating art I decided I was missing being creating and I needed to get my fingers inky and painterly again!

So I started as always dabbling in my sketchbook; just doodling and playing around with colour.

Here are some of my recent creations I came up with; don’t forget to click on the links to see them bigger if you wish, thanks for looking!

Couple More Lettering Pages To Share


Heres a couple more lettering style journal pages I finished off recently, if you click on them you can see them larger and in more detail:

Scratch Art Post Card


Ive had this set of scratch art postcards in for a while just waiting for me to use them, I finally dusted one off and had a go with it using the scratchy tools.

Scratch Art boards has a thin black coating on them which you scratch off to reveal a brightly coloured background underneath, they are pretty inexpensive and usually found in the childrens craft section in toy and hobby shops.

Heres what I did with mine; its a little rough as I was trying to get used to the tool you use which didnt seem to like me much because I am left handed and they are obviously designed for right handed peeps!